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The Saint Louis Sirens:
Serious Singing, Serious FUN!!!
Comedy! Costumes! Choreography!

Let the Saint Louis Sirens enchant and entertain you with a program of vocal music designed specifically for your group!

Our trio sings a wide range of fun and familiar songs, from pop, novelty, to the Great American Songbook.

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our performances both to our audience and the venue where we perform.  We have performed for large conventions, corporate events, fundraisers, luncheons, birthday parties and much more!  Because we travel with our own sound system, the only thing we need besides an audience, is an electrical outlet!


**In Greek Mythology, Sirens were a group of sea nymphs who sang so sweetly that anyone who heard their voices was captivated.  Mariners were lured into crashing their ships on the rocks surrounding the Sirens' island by the irresistable Siren song.

Give us a call! 314-338-3337

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